About Us

Odesol started as many things; a stall at the local farmers market, upcycled clothing, eco-friendly garments, everything hand-sewn by myself. I busily crafted at home or the park while my son crawled busily exploring. Before that, it started as a tiny seedling of an idea. I worked at an op-shop/recycling center in Wanaka, NZ on a work and holiday visa. I wanted to do something good for the planet, I had never imagined I would witness the brutal aftermath of fast fashion and excessive consumption firsthand. We resold amazing items for only a few dollars a piece, and we had bins of free things outside the store, but the sad reality was, that there was always too much stuff. It came in faster than we could move it. Shopping carts and bins daily of donated items filled up the already overflowing store. It was at the end of my visa there that I got pregnant with my son. I knew I wanted to stay home and raise him on my own but I also wanted to continue my mission of making a small change in the world around me. Thus, here I am today.

I started at the roots, under the rich soil just waiting to emerge above the earthly barrier and bloom. I am a single mother empowered by making a difference and minimizing waste. I spent many years cultivating a clothing brand that was sustainable and comfortable for the modern-day bohemian—a place where the tapestry of well-being, style, and comfort is woven into every item. 

Odesol is more than a brand; it's an embodiment of the art of living well. Explore our ethical woven collection, and let every piece resonate with the essence of a life beautifully lived. Embrace the comfort, the wonders of natural fabrics, and the solace that Odesol brings to your world.

 Bless x